Headshot and environmental portrait of a New Jersey doctor

Our goal for this photo shoot was to produce both a corporate headshot and environmental portrait for a doctor at a major New Jersey healthcare provider. 

Advance planning with the communications department staff allowed us to set up a background in a large conference room and scout the building for a perfect spot for the environmental portrait. When the doctor arrived we were set and ready to get her back to work quickly. 


Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

New Jersey headshot photography

The purpose of this corporate headshot project was to build a library of the school's whole staff so they could be used on a new website, when staffers received awards, spoke at seminars. etc... We used various colored backgrounds for a dynamic look. 

The plan has worked out perfectly. Here the client posted a photo on Facebook announcing that a staff member is being honored. 

Feel free to contact John for more information about New Jersey corporate headshots.

Editorial portrait for Rutgers Alumni Magazine

Each issue of the Rutgers alumni magazine features a full page portrait of a school graduate.         While the photo is shot on location it must feature a simple background since the photo runs full bleed across the page type is placed  somewhere within the photo. 

We needed to include a hint of the dorm building where the subject lived in the photo. I was able to find a location where the leading lines of the sidewalk intersected and there was a nice backlight that helped separate him from the background.  Add a Profoto B1 with a stripbank and we were all set. 



NJ corporate executive portrait

Corporate photography for IBM

Fun corporate photo shoot for IBM with Grover announcing a new app in partnership with Sesame Street. Grover is one cool dude. No ego at all for such a huge star.  

The corporate marketing photos photos were distributed by IBM on the company's social media channels. Business magazines and websites, such as Fortune, published the publicity photos with a link back to IBM's announcement. 

Magazine cover for Rutgers University

One of the best aspects of photo assignments for Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences is the variety of fields of study. 

The school's weather lab now hosts WNBC's StormTracker 4 Doppler radar. Students have full access the cutting edge technology. 

An approaching heavy rainstorm made for a very cool image on the screen. That was the good news. The bad news is the storm arrived on campus just as we finished the shoot.  Although we were completely drenched heading back to the cars at least we captured a cool image.

Magazine cover photography

Corporate portraits for Fordham University

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a series of portraits for a Fordham University fundraising campaign. We photographed a number of students and alumni. This photo session took place on campus and in the nearby Columbus Circle and Central Park. 

While the school highlighted a variety of people in the marketing campaign we tried to make each portrait look similar by using shallow depth of field and using a narrow stripbox for lighting.

Higher education photography of student at art museum
corporate portrait in Columbus Circle .JPG
Portrait in Central Park, New York

New Jersey executive portrait in New Brunswick

The lobby of accounting firm Withum, Smith and Brown's New Brunswick office made a great backdrop for this executive portrait.

Setting up lights ahead of time made the photo shoot with Withum CEO Bill Hagaman and Withum partner Jim Hannan very smooth and allowed the executives to get back to work very quickly.

Executive portrait
Executive portrait

Corporate portrait photographer - St. Peter's healthcare group photo

NJ healthcare photographerLooking for a fresh perspective for group photos is always a challenge.                                                     This group photograph for St. Peter's Healthcare magazine was taken from the second floor of the hospital's restaurant. The nice tile floor provided a great background for the portrait. A pair of Profoto B1 strobes provided just the right amount of light.