What should I wear for a corporate headshot portrait session ?

What should I wear to my headshot session? My best answer is that the clothes should be a great accent but not the first thing that you notice in the photos. It’s a really simple idea but it can be applied no matter the person’s age, gender or occupation.

Below is a corporate executive portrait with a few outfit changes. Each set of clothes looks completely natural and appropriate. Easy changes like this are the easiest during a photo shoot. Take off a tie, add a sweater, take off a jacket, etc…. The concept works well for both men and women.

New Jersey business portrait 700A.JPG
New Jersey business portrait 701A.JPG
New Jersey business portrait 702A.JPG

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Grace Eline mentioned during the State of the Union

I was very surprised to see a familiar face during the State of the Union address. As the President discussed additional funding for the battle against childhood cancer he introduced 10 year old Grace Eline. Grace was sitting in the gallery next to the First Lady.

A few months ago I photographed Grace at her New Jersey home for Rutgers Cancer Institute. You can see the video interview below.

Congratulations Grace!

Magazine cover photo shoot at a NJ winery

It's always a good day when you can spend the afternoon photographing at a New Jersey winery. This cover story was about a group of Rutgers graduates who run their own wine companies. The've had a lot of success, especially considering their young age.                                                We photographed them throughout the facility and the barrel photo was chosen for the cover

New Jersey magazine cover photographer.JPG

Portrait of Newark author

One of the most exciting aspects of shooting environmental portraits is using the elements you find at the location.  I arrived early for this portrait in Newark's Military Park and saw the sun reflecting off Prudential's headquarters building. Add a blue sky and a chair and we are all set. 

WBGO Kahli Raymond