editorial photography

Magazine cover photo shoot at a NJ winery

It's always a good day when you can spend the afternoon photographing at a New Jersey winery. This cover story was about a group of Rutgers graduates who run their own wine companies. The've had a lot of success, especially considering their young age.                                                We photographed them throughout the facility and the barrel photo was chosen for the cover

New Jersey magazine cover photographer.JPG

Fordham alumni magazine portrait session

I just received my copy of the new Fordham University alumni magazine featuring my portrait of former Johnson and Johnson executive Anthony Carter.

The photo shoot was so interesting, in addition to his position as a former vice president at Johnson and Johnson Mr. Carter also served as assistant press secretary to NYC mayor David Dinkins, he's and author and a lecturer.

For this shoot I kept things simple  - one large, soft light and very fast prime lenses that produce a beautiful out of focus background.


Executive portrait for Fordham.jpg

Editorial portrait for Rutgers Alumni Magazine

Each issue of the Rutgers alumni magazine features a full page portrait of a school graduate.         While the photo is shot on location it must feature a simple background since the photo runs full bleed across the page type is placed  somewhere within the photo. 

We needed to include a hint of the dorm building where the subject lived in the photo. I was able to find a location where the leading lines of the sidewalk intersected and there was a nice backlight that helped separate him from the background.  Add a Profoto B1 with a stripbank and we were all set. 



NJ corporate executive portrait

Corporate photography for IBM

Fun corporate photo shoot for IBM with Grover announcing a new app in partnership with Sesame Street. Grover is one cool dude. No ego at all for such a huge star.  

The corporate marketing photos photos were distributed by IBM on the company's social media channels. Business magazines and websites, such as Fortune, published the publicity photos with a link back to IBM's announcement. 

New Jersey executive corporate portrait

One of the challenges of corporate photography is capturing candid moments of executives. A good technique I've found to capture emotional candids is to wait until a group of executives is done talking and the group is starting to break up. Often people will laugh or joke around at this moment.

This exact technique worked perfectly here as a healthcare CEO was laughing with a group of people as the company opened a new facility in New Jersey.

CEO portrait photographer