headshot photography

New Brunswick headshot photography session

A new website is a great time for new corporate headshots. That was the case here as I was tasked with photographing about two dozens staff members in New Brunswick. We photographed each person at a few different locations around the building. Most of the shots were environmental portraits but there was one conference room with a plain gray wall and a large window - a perfect location for a simple headshot.

You can read more info about New Jersey corporate headshot photography here. 

Honors College Portraits

Headshot and environmental portrait of a New Jersey doctor

Our goal for this photo shoot was to produce both a corporate headshot and environmental portrait for a doctor at a major New Jersey healthcare provider. 

Advance planning with the communications department staff allowed us to set up a background in a large conference room and scout the building for a perfect spot for the environmental portrait. When the doctor arrived we were set and ready to get her back to work quickly. 


Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey